Archiving samples and retention samples

100% security for your samples and retention samples in our specially equipped archives.


Do you need to store your accumulating samples and retain samples for the long term, but scarce space and time-consuming processes present you with a challenge? No problem! We store your samples and retained samples professionally and according to your requirements. This allows you to concentrate on your core business again.

Your advantages with Rhenus Archiv Services


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We establish efficient processes for your samples from the pharmaceutical industry and/or retained samples from industry. Given our many decades of experience in the field of document archiving, we also guarantee excellent archiving for your samples and retention samples.


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The archival of samples from the pharmaceutical industry, such as wet samples, paraffin blocks and slides, is subject to regulatory requirements, which we meet with our GMP and GLP certifications and base our standards on.

Secure storage

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We have archive rooms with units for thermal, refrigerated, frozen and liquid nitrogen storage, allowing the range of temperature-controlled storage in the relevant temperature range of -196 °C to +40 °C to be covered.

Save resources

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External sample archiving means that many work steps during archiving are handled by us. In the meantime, your employees can fully devote their attention to their core business.

Save money

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Rely on us and save costs. With us, you get enough space to archive your samples and retention samples cost-effectively.


Over the past 15 years or so, files and business documents have been joined by numerous new types of secure goods that require long-term and secure storage. Long-term archival for secure goods in the GxP-regulated area has become a branch of archiving in its own right.

As a specialist in archiving services for the pharmaceutical industry, our wholly-owned subsidiary Z.A.S. Archiv Service GmbH can also provide you with professional and reliable support in dealing with samples and retention samples:

Store samples and retention samples easily with Rhenus Archiv Services

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Proper storage of samples and retention samples

Store your samples and retention samples professionally and without much effort. Rely on our expertise and let our experts advise you.

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