Internal file storage

Store your files and business documents securely on your premises at all times. We optimise storage for you on-site.

Internal file storage with Rhenus

Do you want to store your documents securely without outsourcing? Rhenus makes this possible for you. You can continue to store your data on your premises and we will ensure that your storage is adapted to the optimum conditions. Our optimisation ensures that you can always find your files well sorted and that only authorised persons have access. Thus, the security of your files is guaranteed at all times.

Your advantages with Rhenus Archiv Services


With our service of internal file storage, we offer you the management of your archive with our security, in compliance with data protection and reduced risk.

Professional management

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Our professional document management service means you can be sure that your business documents are stored in-house, saving space and time.

Save resources

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Internal file storage often tends to be resource-intensive and time-consuming. Our service makes internal file storage more efficient and cost-effective for our customers.

Save money

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Proper file storage can be very costly. It is therefore wise to trust a professional to take the burden off your hands. We help you store your files in-house – as efficiently as possible.


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Our processes are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Access control

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Our access control and documentation saves in-house resources and ensures audit-proof file storage.


Internal file storage

Individual solutions

In the field of internal file storage, we specialise in making optimum use of the available storage space. We offer solutions individually tailored to your company. From providing the infrastructure to taking over and operating archives and registries on the customer's premises, we provide all the services of secure file storage.

Optimise internal file storage

Take advantage of our experience in the area of internal file storage and benefit for your part from the reduction in administrative effort. By combining outsourcing with in-house document archiving, you can increase the efficiency of your document management enormously.

Data protection for your business records

Personal data require special data security. They must be protected against unauthorised access, modification or loss at all times, especially during file archiving within the legal retention periods and subsequent destruction. This is why we generally comply with BSI basic protection and have obtained ISO 27001 certification for this purpose. We develop specific data protection concepts together with our customer that are tailored to their requirements. Irrespective of whether it is a matter of processing, storing or destroying data in digital form or on paper.

In-house file storage

Efficient with the help of Rhenus Archiv Services.

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