You have outsourced your files with our support and now need a document or file for further processing? No problem – our " scan-on-demand " service provides you with access to the desired file within the very shortest time.

Our scan-on-demand service

In recent years, Rhenus Archiv Services has taken over the external operation of many active registries. Thanks to our IT infrastructure, we are able to deliver any file from your active registry digitally within minutes upon request (digital archiving). This special service is called "scan-on-demand".

How does scan-on-demand work?

To request a scan, you can search for the ID of the file in question via our business networking platform and request the relevant document from the file. The file is pulled from our security archive and the requested document is digitised. If desired, we can also digitise the entire file. Scan-on-demand therefore provides you with either entire files or only the desired document in digital form. The files are made available either via an SFTP server or via an interface directly into your electronic file. The digitisation process is documented in the archive system and is traceable and audit-proof.


The advantages at a glance

  • Secure storage of your files or active filing system
  • Reduction in the workload of your processing department
  • Saves space
  • Ongoing sorting of documents
  • Documents are available within just minutes (digital archiving)
  • Connection to the case processing system and your e-file
  • Data storage in the certified Rhenus computer centre
  • Cost transparency

Are you interested in our scan-on-demand service?

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